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I'm a busy girl, I can tell you that. If I'm not studying, singing, writing or being active, then you can presume I've already formulated something purposeful and creative to do with my time. From a young age, I would drive my family insane from the extensive carnage I would leave in my wake, as I devised my own intricate plays, or coated my entire easel with glitter - along with the rest of the kitchen. 


As I grew older, my relentless energy put me on the athletics track, on the horse and in the pool for hours in the week - a genetically possessed talent yes - but also a pastime that became too habitual to miss, as it helped me to discard all the unwanted stress from school. Eventually, I was on youth regional and national teams, and it soon became a goal of mine to get someplace big.


I started singing at the age of 6. My school singing coach would always laugh at how I was able to follow along with the song she was teaching me, despite having no knowledge of musical theory. By 12, I had achieved my Grade 5 in classical singing - thankfully with some theoretical knowledge, which I believe helped me earn each and every distinction I have been awarded since. 


All the while, I had begun writing my own lyrics and poems outside of school, after realising I wanted my voice to be truly heard in its own context, not through the aged words of an Italian 16th Century composer. Before I knew it, I had found a group of like-minded people and I was being taught the basics of songwriting at the Realistic Music Academy, not far from where I lived. They provided me, along with my bandmates, a chance to gig in pubs around the local area, along with bigger Academy showcases at the end of each term. I mostly sang harmonies in our songs, as I was still unsure of myself on stage and I can't say I was anywhere finished growing either, all of which affect the potency of my voice. Growing bigger in my boots, I found myself leaving the band at 13 and unsurely writing my first solo song with the help of my tutor at RMA, which I performed at their Easter Showcase later on.


Being a teenage girl, I was prone to sparring with my friends at school, however, a dramatic fallout with my friendship group left me isolated and alone. This event had to be one of the best things that had ever happened to me, as it was the stimulus behind my first ever solo-composition "Charlotte's Little Melody"; I even spent ages compiling a video for the ballad at home with my pets and various different styles. I put the video on YouTube, where it was shared multiple times, and I had requests to do more. I started writing avidly in my free time, learning that the process was good at resurfacing and processing bad memories from my past.


However, in April 2014 this all changed. My active, sporty lifestyle got the better of me. My beautiful horse, Bella, had a bad spook which led me to fall beneath her and be trampled. Later, after discovering that I had severely ruptured my spleen, I was taken to a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at St George's, Tooting, where I received specialist care for the excessive internal bleeding caused. 


I can't say I have seen any tragedy as bad as that of the other sick children around me in hospital. However, it is the extremes in our lives that fuel our intentions, so as soon as I was home, I began avidly writing about my experience. Despite the severity of my accident leaving me bedridden, my mind was more active than ever as I suddenly gained all this free time to write that I never once had. My brain was exploding with ideas and from then on came the birth of two new songs - Haematoma and Outta Sight, Outta Mind. I was beginning to discover that my writing was allowing me to shout all my issues out to an audience, bringing a release, without them having to know the true tale behind my metaphorical words. 


In the autumn of that year, I recorded my first demo with the people behind what is not Realistic Records - the same fantastic guys that tutored me in my songwriting skills.  Outta Sight, Outta Mind is a true depiction of the teenage hardships I was encountering during my time at school, which I hope may be relevant to other, slightly different girls like me.  My repertoire had expanded immensely, and I was gigging and performing in every open mic as far as the eye could see! I was even writing with my boyfriend at the time who had knowledge of the basics of production, so my voice and lyrics were heard just a little louder once more. 


It was around the Autumn of 2015 that I wrote Opium - a song that reflected my stressors in a different light. I performed this song at one of the RMA showcases that had a recording competition, of which was being judged by a certain representative of Warner Studios. It came as the most blinding surprise to me when they announced my name - and I recorded Opium with Realistic Records, released in March of 2016. This really was a new beginning. 


During the course of 2016 and 2017, it became clear that my time on stage had got me noticed by a different kind of industry amongst the photographers. Being ridiculously tall and having family in the industry, I started modelling for certain small brands and friends who had photography projects. In July 2017, I modelled for the fantastic Pout Makeup Academy, along with Martin Pinkney Hair which contributed extensively to my portfolio. This got me well known in the local industry and with a few photographers, and since have been offered jobs such as the L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2018. 


Since Opium, I have recorded other demos and performed many other places. More than anything, however, my GCSEs took the stage and unfortunately my writing had to take a backseat. You will be pleased to know that this was not without result, as I received impossible grades I couldn't have dreamt of! I never stopped writing, however, and now have an extensive range of music, that has taken a rocky-ballad vibe, which I frequently post to my Instagram. 


It became my decision late 2017 that I would start sharing less and less of all the leaps and bounds I have been making, as I have been preparing my 2018 comeback. This year is the year of visual art, along with the production of some of my favourites I have written, which I will finally be able to share with those who enjoy it. 


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