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Here is my main passion - Music! The links to my social media are at the top of the page, however, the website and blog will also keep you updated on new releases, gigs, videos and other exciting content.


At current, my YouTube and Instagram host the majority of my content (@ellacornwell) however, I have put some on this page for your own fun. 


Opium was my big break. This song strayed away from the more emotional ballads I was accustomed to writing at the time, and it was the song that won the recording competition at my music academy's showcase - which happened to be judged by a representative of Warner Records. You can find Opium on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.



I had the luck of writing this track and recording it in a single day with producer Rob Davis - famed for the band Mudd and producing "Cant get you out of my head" by Kylie Minogue. It's very different to my usual work, but that's what makes me love it. 


A haunting, yet optimistic account of my time in and after hospital - and all the feelings I endured at the time. B Negative takes a quiet beginning and evolves into a hard, grungy track with elements of that quiet nature drawn throughout. 


I often do covers, however, this most recent one tops it for me. Recorded and produced by my fellow student Will Cassidy, I have been able to put my rock roots into something so brilliantly produced; I find this fusion of ideas hard not to like! 

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